James’ Birthday Party

Wir sind gera­de von der Geburts­tags­fei­er unse­res „Lieb­lings­ko­rea­ners” James zurück, wo wir vie­le neue inter­na­tio­na­le Bekannt­schaf­ten gemacht haben, die auch mal auf der Sei­te vor­bei­schau­en wol­len. Daher heu­te der ers­te Arti­kel in Eng­lisch, Chi­ne­si­sche wird es sicher­lich auch bald geben.

Just now, we are back from the bir­th­day par­ty of James. It was the most inter­na­tio­nal bir­th­day par­ty we ever have been, becau­se „Hap­py Bir­th­day” was sung in Eng­lisch, Ger­man, Kore­an, Chi­ne­se, Rus­si­an, French, Spa­nish, Por­tu­ge­se, Indo­ne­si­an and Seso­tho. And the num­ber of dif­fe­rent natio­na­li­ties was even higher.

For this event we went to a Kore­an restau­rant, whe­re the food tas­tes real­ly good. After this we went to a Karao­ke bar near the cam­pus and we think, the other guys are now in ano­t­her bar and will bring the evening — or bet­ter: morning — to a good end.

Sor­ry. I had some pro­blems, but I think, the fol­lowing links will work. Enjoy!

video1: a bad drink for james
video2: Seso­tho bir­th­day song

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  1. Yeah it was a real­ly good Bir­th­day Par­ty, thanks again to James for invi­t­ing us =) I’m sure he enjoy­ed it as well. After the KTV Bar some of us went to good old San­li­tun, sup­po­sed to go to some Club pret­ty soon we ended up in a Bar most of us know, that I howe­ver for­got the name just now. It is across from Blue­Bar, more or less remem­be­red by some of us too 😉 That was, once again also the next stop that night befo­re retur­ning Home to Jing­Mao Cam­pus, just to find us hung­ri­ly wai­t­ing for some Nui Da Wan Nood­les some 5 Minu­tes later…
    The Final touch that night was being inter­view­ed and even taking pic­tures of for a news­pa­per, will be inte­res­ting to see if we actual­ly end up in an arti­cle about „Bei­jing Nightlife” … 

    About the sin­ging I think it would be fair to add that the Ger­man ver­si­on was pro­bab­ly the worse one becau­se some unna­med sing­stars ended up into­na­ting dif­fe­rent ver­si­ons of the same well known Hap­py Bir­th­day song =)

  2. Hey, i’m james’ room­ma­te, Lee
    I came to here to see that night bir­th­day’ pics„
    That’s pret­ty good„

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